Awesome Features

Most frequently used and enhanced features based on customers need

  • Shortcuts

    No deep navigation. Every function available on the app dashboard

  • Secured Login

    Admin, Driver type have the login based on their user rights. One Driver cannot see other drivers data.

  • Live Chat

    Chat with the Drivers within the yard and admin and manage the request efficiently

  • Yard Audit

    Audit the Trailers at your palm and track the number of trailers updated by you.

  • Create Assets

    Create the new move without admin interference and move the trailer to new Area/Dockdoor.

  • Notification & Reminders

    Moves assigned for the day are pushed to Driver via Notification and also application reminds the number of days elapsed for the trailer at the spot

How It Works?

Contact us via Phone or email. We will askyour plan and yard map. Be ready with the Trailer details and number of users in the yard and out side the yard.

Your Data on Cloud

Once we give demo and done with the Yard layout design, We will host everything on cloud based on your plan. Within 3 working days, we will release the app with your trailer details.

24/7 Support

We will be available 24x7 to assist you with the smooth operation. Any issue or blockr will be reolved within 1 hour of maximum time.

User Manual

We have complete guide to the software and documented at central location. It will resolve even a smallest to big doubt and you can chat with our team any time.

User Manual

Create move and monitor the Yard from anywhere

With mobile device, you can perform the audit, tract the yard status and create the move from anywhere.

Easy to Use

UI is very simple and user Friendly, No deep naviagtion

Monitor & Manage

Monitor the Appointment and Move Request from anywhere.

QR Code

Track the live status of the Trailer by just scanning the QR code placed on the trailers

Extra Features

Yard Audit- Perform the daily audit to keep the yard accurate. Update the status or move request from the app itself.

  • QR Code - Scan and gget the live update

  • Manual checkin - No appointment, dont worry, Jockey will assist you via app

  • Appoinment - Before coming to yard, you can schedule appointment and get the slot reserveed.

  • Audit Trails - Every user will hav their own set of user rights.

  • Web feature - Admin will have full control over web from place

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions were asked by our clients frequently. For more doubt please your the chat feature of the website.

JAS Yard Management System (JAS) is a web based and portable application that assists the yard with keeping up exact perceivability and dock entryway the executives. A YMS tracks yard perceivability, yet it assists clients with accomplishing effectiveness and precision, including following, getting and delivering all action inside the four dividers of the yard, which helps cut costs Does. Here's a model: When a partner needs to get a trailer for a request, YMS shows the partner in a proficient picking travel way, lessening travel time.

Jasyard is explicitly worked for little to moderate size warehouse's yard using progressed distributed cloud computing innovation. Consequently, Jasyard is 70 to 90 percent lower in expense than similar inheritance on-premise YMS merchants, making this item the most moderate in the present YMS market. JasYard endeavors to pass on the investment funds acquired from its mechanical development to its entrepreneur.

Jas Yard Management System (YMS) can be accessed on any Desktop or Laptop, Tablet (Android tablet) installed with modern and updated browsers. Jasyard also has a YMS app specifically designed for Android tablets and phone touch devices. This app can be downloaded from PlayStore.

At the point when you are signed into the Jasyard YMS application, you will see a help symbol on the upper right corner of the screen. Utilize the connection furnished to email us or visit with Jasyard. On the off chance that you are a top-notch client, you will likewise see a telephone number to call day in and day out, for which you need quick help. You can also youse the chat feature available at the left-bottom of this website.

Possessing any size of warehouse center can be challenging. In the event that dealing with its day-by-day activities has eased back profitability, it's the ideal opportunity for a YMS. Not having the option to find trailer (assets) in the yard or not having the option to rapidly Locate and transport. Executing and starting to utilize a YMS offers organizations different advantages: (1) improved visibility precision; (2) expanded partner development; (3) decreased traffic time; and (4) improved on time fulfillment. These operational advantages straightforwardly sway the organizations' monetary wellbeing by diminishing expense, expanding benefits and situating your business for quickened development.

Only Web based you can use on iOS devices but iOS mobile app is a premium version and availble only on request.

As the JAS Yard application is cloud based, you do not have to buy any special server or laptop. You can use on any desktop or mobile using updated modern browser.

Yes, You can download on all the android tablet devices from playstore. If in case of any challange, do get in touch with support team or eamil us as

Still have a question? Ask your question here

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